About KudosIntech

Welcome to KudosIntech

KudosIntech was established in 2011 with the goal of eliminating the idea of One-Size-Fits-All Technology. Since our inception, our team has combined technological expertise with a customer-centric business model, a savvy understanding of the needs of today's businesses and an unbending commitment to getting the job done right, on time and on budget the first time, every time. With our help, you will:

  • Innovate Without Risk
  • Expand Your Business
  • Do More With Less
  • Increase Your ROI
  • Rapidly React to Changes in Fast-Paced Markets

Our team understands that it takes constant change and growth to remain on the leading edge of today's business markets. That's why we've worked hard to stretch our wings beyond the traditional view of a software and design firm, incorporating market knowledge and a keen sense of innovation into everything we do. By thinking from a business perspective, we're able to do more than create software or build websites. We're able to create a customer driven solution designed to transform today's goals into tomorrow's realities.

Our talented, innovative design and development professionals have a broad range of experience and expertise. Past and current clients span countries from across five continents, including the USA, Canada, Australia, India, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Norway, Sweden Finland, Iceland, Venezuela, Mexico and Brazil. We're pleased to provide our international clientele with a fully customized set of IT solutions:

Quality is Always Our Top Priority

To our team of experienced design and development personnel, the “Kudos” in KudosIntech is more than just a name. It’s a promise to our businesses that the customized software solutions designed here will bring “Kudos” to their door. It’s a promise that we’re going to stand behind our products and your business. It’s a commitment to eliminate the headache of faulty or inefficient IT solutions. It represents our dedication to creating long-term relationships with our clients that ensure they have the tools they need for split second adaptation in rapidly changing markets.

Discover how the innovative power of KudosIntech can keep your company ahead of the competition and on the cutting edge of today’s business.