Why KudosIntech

Why KudosIntech?

There are thousands, if not millions, of companies out there that promise to deliver a customized, back of house solution for your business. So why choose KudosIntech?

Your Business is at the Center of Everything We Do

At its heart, KudosIntech isn't just a design firm. It's a goal-driven technology organization that understands the danger of assumptions. We recognize that each of our clients is unique. Whether you're a sole proprietor or the CEO of an international conglomerate, you need and deserve a software solution that was created with your business in mind.

You visualize. We materialize.

Our team will work with you to understand your vision, then use their experience to suggest new areas of potential innovation and growth. Once an idea has been cultivated, we'll commit countless hours of RD to bring your concepts to life.

Complete Transparency Every Step of the Way

KudosIntech maintains a high level of transparency throughout the design and development process. Comprehensive documentation keeps your company in the loop regarding our progress on your project, and we have complete transparency with regard to our billing processes.

No Barriers to Communication

One of the biggest concerns many of our clients have with regard to an outsourced business solution is the availability of our team. Long response times to emails and broken chains of communication have no place at KudosIntech. A member of our team will be available for consult around the clock via phone or Skype, and we respond to all email messages and inquiries within 12-24 hours.

Our Products Bring More to the Table than Technical Expertise

Intricate code and a rapidly moving website are nice, but none of that matters if the solution isn't tailored to your business. At KudosIntech, we think from a business perspective, and understand your need for continuous change and innovation. This allows us to make recommendations and offer insights that will help your company not only implement a working software solution, but will guide you toward a solution that will increase your ROI and ultimately transform your current goals into your new reality.

High Quality Standards at an Affordable Price, and We Deliver On Time, Every Time.

There's a saying in the business world-you can have it fast, you can have it cheap, or you can have it right. At KudosIntech, you can have it all.

Our competitive rates are backed by an unbending commitment to quality. There are no sales groups or customer service representatives who mean well, but lack the technical expertise to answer your questions and interpret your needs. From the moment you contact KudosIntech you will be working personally with members of our design and development team. Close communication ensures that your expectations are fulfilled and the project is moving forward according to plan.

Each project undergoes stringent quality assurance checks throughout the entire development process prior to being released to our clients. This ensures that it meets our high standards, protecting your company from IT headaches caused by faulty solutions. Our team's commitment to quality also includes a willingness to put in the hours needed to ensure your product is delivered on time, every time.

  • Here's what one of our recent customers had to say:

    Wow, thanks for Your job! I'm overwhelmed! It's great! I'm very satisfied. Fast delivery, super quality at a reasonable price! I will come back soon:-)