Empowering Global Healthcare: MIR’s Innovative Smart Solutions



  • Prepared an Approach Document to outline the project scope and objectives.
  • Conducted thorough requirement gathering during the development phase.
  • Developed a dynamic and user-friendly website using WordPress as the content management system.
  • Ensured lightning-fast performance to optimize the user experience and accessibility.
  • Created a fully customizable theme to tailor the website to specific needs and preferences.

Key Features

  • Seamlessly integrated an Ecommerce site with a static/informative site, offering a comprehensive user experience.
  • Implemented a Bulk Discount feature that is triggered under specific conditions, enhancing the purchasing process for customers.
  • Integrated an Advanced Inventory Management system, allowing for efficient product information retrieval and effective product mapping.
  • Included a robust filter functionality, encompassing category filtering, price filtering, and various sorting options to enhance product searchability and navigation.

Technologies Used

The Portfolio Showcases a Platform website was developed using the following technologies


A versatile content management system that facilitates easy website management and customization.


A popular front-end framework that ensures a responsive design and consistent layout across different devices.


JavaScript was utilized to enhance interactivity and create dynamic elements on the website.



The website’s design emphasizes user-friendliness, with a clean and modern layout that enhances the user experience. The use of appropriate colors, fonts, and visuals creates a professional and visually appealing interface. The design elements complement the overall theme and branding, providing a cohesive and engaging user journey.


The portfolio website is designed to be fully responsive, ensuring optimal viewing and usability across various devices and screen sizes. The responsive design guarantees visitors can access and engage with the website seamlessly, whether on desktop computers, tablets, or mobile devices.



The portfolio showcases a platform dedicated to revolutionizing healthcare technology and facilitating personal health monitoring in the pneumology sector. With a global presence, the platform offers innovative and reliable Smart devices that empower healthcare professionals and benefit patients worldwide. The website, developed using WordPress, features Ecommerce capabilities, advanced inventory management, and robust filtering options for a comprehensive user experience. The fully customizable theme ensures a unique and tailored presentation. The platform continues to advance and contribute to the healthcare industry with its commitment to excellence.