FlagWorld: Versatile flags for various industries and applications



  • Thorough requirement gathering during development to meet the specific needs of the company.
  • Utilized WordPress, a versatile content management system, and Bootstrap, a popular front-end framework, to ensure a flexible and responsive design.
  • Developed a custom shipping add-on to provide tailored shipping solutions.
  • Implemented advanced shipping features, including dynamic containers and accurate box size options for precise shipping rate calculations.
  • Created a shipping system with multiple flat rate conditions to offer flexible shipping choices.
  • We integrated Alavara tax functionality to automate tax calculations and ensure compliance.

Key Features

  • Advanced Dynamic Shipping for Accurate Rate Calculation: The website incorporates advanced dynamic shipping features, enabling customers to obtain precise shipping rates based on their location and order details.
  • Container Size Calculation: Container sizes are calculated based on product dimensions, optimizing shipping efficiency and reducing costs.
  • PDF Invoices, Label Printing, and Shipment Tracking: Customers can generate PDF invoices, print labels, and track their shipments conveniently from the website.
  • Alavara Tax Integration: The website seamlessly integrates with Alavara tax software to automate tax calculations, ensuring accuracy and compliance.

Technologies Used

The website was developed using the following technologies:


A versatile content management system known for its user-friendly interface and extensive plugin ecosystem.


A popular front-end framework that ensures a responsive design, making the website accessible across various devices and screen sizes.



The website features a visually appealing and user-friendly design. The responsive layout, facilitated by Bootstrap, guarantees optimal viewing and effortless navigation on different devices. The design elements, color scheme, and typography have been thoughtfully selected to create a professional and engaging user experience.


The website is fully responsive, adapting seamlessly to different screen sizes and devices. Whether accessed from desktops, tablets, or mobile devices, the website ensures an optimal browsing experience, allowing users to access its features and information with ease.



The portfolio represents a company that has established itself as a prominent provider of marking flags worldwide. The website, developed using WordPress and Bootstrap, offers a user-friendly interface and ensures a seamless browsing experience. The incorporation of advanced shipping features, such as dynamic container calculations and accurate rate calculations, enhances the convenience and efficiency of the ordering process. The integration of Alavara tax software automates tax calculations, streamlining the purchasing experience. Overall, the website serves as a reliable platform for customers to explore and acquire marking flags while highlighting the company’s commitment to delivering quality products and exceptional customer satisfaction.