Customer Relationship Management

CRM software solutions for nurturing customer relationships on your behalf

Are You Facing These Common CRM Woes?

If you currently have a CRM software in place, you’re already intimately familiar with the challenges having a pre-built CRM system can bring. CRM systems that are a poor fit for your organization can throw up many roadblocks on the road to success, including (but not limited to):

  • Poor integration with website forms
  • Lost data
  • Poor interdepartmental communication, resulting in difficulty obtaining a customer’s previous history
  • Inadequate note-taking resources, resulting in longer queues and increased wait times
  • Angry, frustrated customers
  • Lost revenue
  • Poor reputation management

We could go on and on, but chances are, you’re already aware of these issues and are actively looking for a solution. Well, here’s where our role comes in.

How Can KudosIntech Help?

We do something that no other CRM software development company does. We look at the development of a customer relationship management system from a business-focused viewpoint first and a technical viewpoint second. Taking this viewpoint allows us to understand the communication flow of your business, from the person who makes initial contact (usually either a sales rep, a marketing rep, customer service personnel or tech support) to follow-up calls and future interactions.

As a result, what you get is a CRM software solution that smoothly integrates customer relationship management between departments into your business flow, from the very first point of contact.

Why Choose KudosIntech?

It’s a universal truth that the company that designs your web and marketing platform isn’t always the company you want creating your customer management solution. Add to that the fact that we are based out of India, people often make the mistake of lumping us together with other cookie-cutter software vendors. At KudosIntech, we’ve worked long and hard to change that perspective. When we design and establish a CRM platform, we do so with the goal of customer satisfaction in mind-both yours and ours.

What you get isn’t just a well-organized piece of software. It’s not just a relationship organizer, or a relationship tracker. We work hard to transform your CRM solution into a relationship builder.

Allow us to demonstrate the capabilities of KudosIntech for your organization. Click the “Request a Quote” button above to provide us with details about your project or contact us via phone or email to discover how we can assist you in bringing your business to life on the web.

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