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The only thing constant in life is change itself. For companies operating in today's rapidly shifting global market, that's an unavoidable price of doing business. Constant change in business means constant change and updates in applications, software and digital presence.

That's where KudosIntech comes in. We want to help you ensure that your company's technology is operating with maximum efficiency, appealing to your target audience and increasing your ROI. With our team on your side, the time and money spent to date trying to maintain legacy applications, troubleshoot current applications and bring old, outdated systems up to speed is a thing of the past.

Change Management

One of the most important services we offer to our clientele is change management, in which we oversee necessary changes and updates to existing applications. This can include changes in core programming, as well as manual and/or automation testing to ensure a continued optimal end user experience. Change management is offered either by request or upon release of new changes/updates.

Legacy Application Maintenance

Sometimes it makes sense to reinvent the wheel, replacing outdated applications with a newer, faster, smarter custom application. Other times, the only thing your current application needs is a little TLC. That's why we offer application maintenance and support for your legacy applications, blending maintenance with change management to allow your company to maintain its brand and image while still sitting on the cutting edge of today's technology.

Cross Browser Compatibility

Long gone are the days where only one or two Internet browsers existed. With close to 1,000 browsers currently in use (that we know about) it's essential that your application operate at maximum efficiency across as many browsers as possible. We design and troubleshoot applications with optimal cross browser compatibility in mind, maximizing your potential audience and increasing the growth potential of your organization.


Troubleshooting is a necessary evil in the software world. Sometimes when a malfunction occurs it's easy to point a finger and identify the source. Other times an application simply isn't working, and the culprit refuses to identify itself.

Regardless of the type of issue you're experiencing, application malfunctions cost you in time, money and reputation. That's why you need the power of the troubleshooting team at KudosIntech on your side. We use our experience and technical expertise to identify and correct software malfunctions, minimizing time and productivity lost due to software malfunctions and putting your company back on the fast track to productivity.

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