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There's nothing more frustrating that spending your time and money to create a web or software application, only to discover that it's not a functional solution for your business.

You don't invest in digital solutions to watch them drive your customer base away. At KudosIntech, we make sure you don't have to.

Extensive Testing Guarantees You Never Have to Deal with IT Headaches

Our company has made a name for itself in the highly competitive industry of digital design and development by being exclusively focused on our customers. For us, that means making sure you never have to deal with a One-Size-Fits-All business solution that doesn't fit your business.

It also means making sure that when you DO implement the right solution, you aren't left dealing with bugs and errors that render your new digital solutions unusable.

Malfunctioning software, websites, web-based tools and mobile applications can drive away your existing clientele and discourage others from working with you. That's why we've developed an extensive testing process that extends across multiple platforms. With KudosIntech standing behind you, you'll never have to deal with IT headaches again.

Types of Testing Offered

Manual Testing-

When manually testing your new or current application or software, an experienced member of our design and development team will play the role of end user. This team member will go through your product piece by piece, testing each feature in multiple scenarios to ensure that it functions as intended.

When errors are discovered in manual testing, one of three things will occur:

  • Through close communication prior to initiating the testing process, we develop an intimate knowledge of how you want your product to function. With that knowledge, we may be able to independently correct the malfunction.
  • If we are unsure of how you want a portion of your product to function, we will flag the error and bring it to your attention. You can then determine what action to take to correct the malfunction.
  • When an error occurs on a portion of the software that doesn't appear to fully meet your business needs, the error will be flagged and a member of our team will meet with you to discuss alternative options.

Automation Testing-

Each time your software or digital solution is updated, functionality should be checked to rule out unintended changes in the end user experience. Manual testing is time and labor intensive, and may not be the best fit for digital applications that are updated routinely. Automated testing is an efficient, effective compromise, and can be developed with a focus on key words and functionality of specific features as well as functionality overall.

Performance Testing-

Before performance testing, we work with you to identify specific performance-oriented goals. Those goals can then be observed and measured throughout the performance testing process. Types of performance testing include:

  • Load Testing, which measures the ability of the software to function when a specific anticipated number of users simultaneously perform the same action or sequence of actions.
  • Stress Testing, which identifies the upper limits of capacity within the system. This is essential in assisting system administrators to determine how the software will perform should they exceed a previously determined volume of users.
  • Soak Testing, which is the marathon model of testing for software. This is done to determine if the system will be able to maintain the anticipated volume of users over time.
  • Spike Testing, which measures system performance when the load is suddenly increased by a very large number of users.
  • Configuration Testing, which determines the effects of configuration changes on specific system components.

Functional Testing-

In functional testing, the day to day anticipated use of your system will be tested according to your business process. This will allow our team to ensure that not only do various elements of your software function, they function in the manner in which you intend to use them. This is an excellent method of determining the function of streamlined functions like payroll processing.

User Interface (UI) Testing-

User interface testing evaluates overall system functionality while focusing on graphical user interface elements such as layout, colors, fonts/font sizes, buttons, lists, text boxes, links, etc. This also allows our team to test for specific expected program behaviors.

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