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WordPress is a well known name in the field of web development. Companies love its functionality, easy to navigate back office features, shopping cart integration and ability to run smoothly on any web browser. Because of its template framework, however, many customers become frustrated while trying to customize their site. They find themselves settling for a cookie cutter, template solution with the same look and feel as the website next door, all in an attempt to avoid the often intimidating price tag associated with professional WordPress development services.

Sound familiar? If so, we're glad you're here. With an affordable company that specializes in WordPress theme development and theme customization services standing at the helm of your site's creation and growth, you can enjoy all of the benefits of a WordPress site without sacrificing the individuality that sets your organization miles above the competition.

Why WordPress?

The reason WordPress is still a front runner in the web development industry 13 years after its initial launch is the ease with which companies can change their content, post to their blog, update their inventory, add to their customer list and process their orders in real time. All of these functions are easily accessible using the back office feature, and can be changed at any time without running the risk of altering the primary source code. That means that changes and updates to your site will no longer find themselves bottlenecked waiting for your internet development expert to program them in. They can be made by any member of your company, at any time, making it easier for your organization to stay on the cutting edge.

WordPress Plug-Ins, AMP and Going Mobile

A recent study on 2015 data trends done by Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers revealed that 51% of media time was spent on mobile devices as opposed to a traditional laptop or PC, and that number is expected to grow rather than decline in the coming years. A fully responsive site that maximizes user experiences on their mobile devices is a requirement in today's digital environment. WordPress offers any company the ability to quickly make its site responsive and easy to use on a mobile platform without any loss of flexibility or functionality. And WordPress plug-in development dramatically expands the functionality of your site without the time and money required to write the code from the ground up. Our strong WordPress development services will fully integrate the plug ins into your primary template, complete with your brand's signature design, allowing you to invest your time and money into the places that need it most.

What ties these two together? In late 2015, Google launched accelerated mobile pages, designed to speed up the mobile web and set a new standard for publishers around the world. If your company is struggling to stay ahead in the new, performance-driven mobile environment, you'll be happy to know that along with its pre-formatted mobile capability, WordPress is already equipped with a plug-in specifically designed to help web developers create content designed to capitalize on the opportunities offered by AMP.

Let KudosIntech become your WordPress development company.

At KudosIntech, we have only one goal: To provide our clientele with the high end, world class WordPress development services they deserve. We refuse to settle for "good enough". Our team constantly strives to provide our clientele with the fast, efficient, responsive, user-friendly website they need to leave their competition behind.

Our team stays on top of all changes and updates in the WordPress environment, guaranteeing a fully customized site with an optimal user experience...and yes, helping your company be the first to do that "cool new thing" with their WordPress site! We've discovered this is especially important when you start talking about adding plug-ins to your site-the majority of WordPress related issues our clients run into are related to plugins in some way, shape or form. Some don't play well together. Others may slow down your website. Our team keeps abreast of the latest plugin technology, allowing us to determine when to use a plugin and when a fully customized solution is a better choice to preserve website speed and integrity.

We also know that you don't want to wait forever to have your new website up and running, which is why we're committed to working with you personally every step of the way to bring your project in on time and on budget.

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